Filming in Kenya

All applications for licenses to film in Kenya are processed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Nairobi. All inquiries should be addressed to:

The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
PO Box 30025

Tel: 00254 2 217475/228411/222073

Local filming agents

  1. Private production companies or individuals are requested to submit their applications through a local agent registered with the Ministry. This requirement is mandatory for all applications to make feature films or documentaries.
  2. Government agencies may submit their applications through the local agents or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Applications to make a documentary or a commercial advertisement must be received at the Ministry at least fourteen (14) days in advance before issuance of a license.
  • Applications for a feature film must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance.

Documents to be submitted

  • Formal letter of application.
  • Application form duly completed – copy to be attached.
  • List of foreign crew members giving names, nationalities, passport numbers and date of expiry of passports.
  • Script and synopsis or storyboard
  • List of equipment to be imported for shooting purposes, the value of each piece of equipment, etc.


License Fees

  • Less than 30 minutes – 700 KSHS
  • 30-60 minutes – 900 KSHS
  • 60-90 minutes – 1,200 KSHS
  • Over 90 minutes – 1,400 KSHS

Liaison Officer’s Service Charges

  • The Ministry charges Ksh.400 per day to cover Liaison Officer’s services provided by a Government Liaison Officer, to be attached to the crew.

Other charges

  • Each visitor is required to apply and obtain a Kenya Special Pass from the Immigration Department before engaging in any film shooting.
  • A non-refundable fee of 1% of the value of the equipment is payable to the Customs Department on presentation of a film license.
  • The following charges are applied for any filming in a National Park: Ksh.8,000 for five (5) people for one (1) week or part thereof. Ksh.12,000 for six (6) – ten (10) people for one (1) week or part thereof.
  • Ksh.20,000 for more than ten (10) people for one (1) week or part thereof.

The Ministry would like to inform all foreign production companies that Kenya has a considerable number of experienced technical staff in filming techniques. We therefore recommend that producers should reserve as many places as possible for local crew.

NB: Please check the latest information with the Ministry/Department or government authority as requirements may have changed.