Welcome to the official website of the Kenya High Commission in Ottawa, Canada.

The aim of this website is to link the Mission to the public with a view to providing information on issues pertaining to consular services such as passports, visa applications and other related matters.

The website will in addition provide information on trade and investment opportunities available in Kenya. Tourism is also showcased so that visitors to Kenya can take full advantage of the flora and fauna and all that this beautiful country has to offer to those visiting whether for business or leisure.

Another important function of this website is to create a link between the Mission and the Kenya Diaspora. Kenyans living in Canada will be updated on political, social and economic developments in Kenya through the website on a regular basis. This, we hope, will enable for effective participation by all in the affairs of our motherland.

You are welcome to browse the website and provide feedback on ways we can improve it so as to serve you better. You can interact with us through the website, on social media or by contacting us directly using the telephone numbers listed on this site.



Further to our previous notices on E-Passports, the Kenya High Commission wishes to inform Kenyans living in Canada that the Government of the Republic of Kenya has extended the use of old generation machine-readable passports( dark blue passports) from 1st March, 2021 as earlier communicated to 31st December 2021.

Starting from 1st January 2022, the old Generation passports will be null and void. And NO Kenyan will be able to travel internationally without a valid East African Community biometric E-Passport. Therefore, Kenyans are urged to take advantage of the extension and not to wait until last minute to apply for the E-passport.

Application for new Kenyan E-Passport will now be made at the Kenya High Commission, Ottawa. Kenyans in Canada will no longer be directed to travel to apply for the E-passport in Kenya or at the Kenya Embassy in Washington DC, USA. Washington, DC.

Plans to achieve this are underway and when ready a notice will be placed.

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