Arrest Case

Consular Functions in Case of Arrest

Things to do in case you are arrested;

  1. Do not resist arrest, doing so may aggravate the situation.
  2. Notify this office by phone, if not possible, ask the arresting agency to notify the Mission about your arrest.  Give them express permission to disclose your arrest and to allow an officer from the Mission to speak to you.
  3. Seek services of a lawyer for proper handling of your case.

The Mission can do the following;

  1. Attempt to ensure that you receive fair and speedy trial
  2. Pay you a visit in prison, detention or holding centre where possible and if necessary.
  3. Facilitate communication between you and your family wherever they are.  Where this is not possible, the Mission can pass information to your family about your predicament subject to your permission.
  4. Issue you with an Emergency Travel Document upon your release (only if you do not have a valid passport).


  • The Mission does not provide legal services nor financial assistance.
  • Kenyans are advised to avoid situations that may lead to arrest or deportation by obeying the laws of the respective country.  You should, at all times, ensure that you have valid legal status.  Apply in good time for renewal of your status to avoid being illegally present and thus at a risk of deportation.