All applications for Kenyan visas will be processed, paid for and issued online from January 1, 2021.

The e-visa will be obtained through An E-visa is required prior to departure to Kenya. To apply, create an account first, then apply for the visa.

Eligibility. Do you qualify to apply? Click here

 Exempted from visa:

  • Children aged below 16 years of age and below
  • Holders of re-entry pass to Kenya
  • Holders of Permanent Residence pass

All visas stated below can be applied for on the above link:

  • Diplomatic/Official/Courtesy visa
  • East Africa Visa
  • Transit visa
  • Multiple visa
  • Single Entry Visa (tourism/visitors/business)
  • Referred visa (holders of Canadian Travel Document) (apply under single entry visa)



Travelers to Kenya are required to have:

  1. A negative PCR based COVID-19 certificate of test taken within 96 hours before arrival in Kenya
  2. The mandatory Ministry of health traveler’s form. It must be filled and submitted prior to travel. This form can be accessed at