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To prevent importation of new COVID-19 variants, the Ministry of Health Kenya has rolled out stringent measures that include:

1.A digital system for verification of COVID-19 test results named “Trusted Travel”. Through this platform, airlines and Port Health Authorities can validate test results of travelers.

2. A person intending to travel to Kenya must visit an authorized laboratory in the country of departure for COVID-19 PCR test and acquire a COVID negative certificate. The traveler is required to visit Trusted Traveler Platform and create an account first at this link for guidance on uploading the test results see attached travel guide

3. Upon arrival at the airport, travelers in the country are required to provide a digital COVID-19 certificate for validation. Airlines are encouraged to confirm traveler’s compliance prior to boarding. Any traveler who will not have complied will not be cleared for entry into the country and will be the responsibility of the concerned airline.

4. Travelers are also required to submit their Travelers Health Surveillance form online through the “jitenge” platform prior to disembarking. Travelers can download the jitenge app on Google Play Store and complete the online registration form. Upon registration into the platform, the traveler will be issued a QR code that should be presented at the health desk upon arrival in the country. They are also expected to self-monitor and report daily on the same platform for (14) days while in Kenya.