For holders of the new generation Driver’s license (wallet size) please attach evidence of previous driving experience beyond what is shown on the license eg. renewal slips or copy of the old Driver’s License.

Authentication/verification requirements for a Kenya Driver’s License

  1. Current valid original Kenyan driver’s license, and  one photocopy.  Renewals can be done online through if your license has expired

  2.  Formal letter of request

  3. Copies of passport,  ID card, Alien certificate or Refugee ID card.

  4. CDN $20.00 (Money Order/Bankers Draft or Certified cheque) payable to Kenya High Commission.

    No refunds will be made for applications mailed to this office with amounts over and above the indicated amount.

  5. Enclose a Pre-paid self-addressed return Xpresspost courier envelope from Canada Post (with a tracking number).  Other courier services should have a “computer-generated label” (waybill)

    please submit the above requirements by courier to the following address:-

                                         Kenya High Commission,

                                        415 Laurier Avenue East,

                                        Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6R4

Note: Walk-ins client to the Mission may pay using  debit card/visa card available at the Reception desk.